Emma Watson arriving at JFK Airport : JFK国際空港のエマ・ワトソン


映画に出演してほしい…と、女優活動の復帰を待ちわびている方にはうれしい最新作の「若草物語」が、ようやく今年2019年末のクリスマスに全米公開のハーマイオニーが、ニューヨークで昨日の金曜日(5月17日)に、JFK 国際空港にやって来た写真です!!



💙 ”The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” ~ Toni Cade Bambara Honoured to be back in Paris with my colleagues for round two of @g7 Gender Equality Advisory Council meetings to complete our proposed document for the Biarritz Agreement. I had the opportunity to meet with @women7official (a coalition of civil society organizations & feminist leaders) who are advocating that @g7 make concrete commitments to finance feminist movements around the world. Financial commitments are essential - without them it’s impossible to implement gender equality laws and make them a reality in the world. I sincerely hope we can realise their vision of creating a feminist #G7!

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